A Message from the CEO

Brian Kelly, Bulk Lift President/CEOThe Right Bag On Time® strategy is a personal mission statement for everyone in the company. It defines the organization’s focus on delivering to our customer what they really need. It also helps us connect the entire supply chain to that goal so everyone is committed to getting the right bulk bag, FIBC, or tote to the customer on time.

Each of our customers’ interactions with Bulk Lift International help define what the Right Bag, On Time means to them, which builds credibility and trust in the process that makes this happen.

It’s NOT just about giving our customers great value for their money. It’s about committing to constantly improve every aspect of our customers’ purchasing, production and shipping processes.

All company associates are trained at Bulk Lift University to improve their understanding of our customers’ performance needs. This includes understanding their products and applying our profiling method to design bulk bags, FIBCs, totes, small packaging and dry bulk container liners (DBCs) that perform beyond expectations.

As a result, our bulk bags not only deliver our customers’ products safely to the marketplace, but also promote the value or real trademark of our customer’s business.

The Right Bag On Time strategy is both a closed-loop system and a commitment from all Bulk Lift International associates that assures the accuracy of the specificiaton, delivery of the right sample, on-time receipt of the first order and every shipment thereafter.

But the Right Bag On Time commitment also takes us to the next step: Continuous Improvement. We ask the question, “How can this be done better, at a lower total cost and with greater value for both our customer and their customers?” This means that all Bulk Lift International associates, including our supply chain partners, are available 24/7 to support our customer’s needs in industrial or food bulk packaging on five continents.

It’s exciting, and an honor, to come to work every day knowing our team is committed to win, to exceed, to grow and especially to deliver the best bulk bag on time!

Brian M. Kelly