From its beginning, Bulk Lift International has used innovative technologies to develop customized bulk bags to reduce companies’ total packaging costs.

The Bulk Bag Revolution

Peter Nattrass, founder of Bulk Lift

Bulk Lift co-founder Peter Nattrass developed the first bulk bag in 1972, and Bulk Lift International was founded a few years later in 1978.

The flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) proved to be an important shipping and storage innovation for industries worldwide. Because FIBCs can be custom designed according to each client’s specific needs, users gain a competitive edge by cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Since our inception, we have manufactured and sold over 40 million bulk bags world wide.

Progress with More Innovation

Eight-needle sewing design

Eight-needle sewing design

The 1980’s saw swift progress for Bulk Lift as vertical integration of fabric to FIBC was developed. We also pioneered the production of Crohmiq® Electrostatic Type D bulk bags, which meet all IEC standards.

Bulk Lift also became a founding member of the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Association (FIBCA).

Responding to growing demand in the 1990s, Bulk Lift broadened both its US and international capabilities. Our advanced sewing design and patented construction techniques were not only aesthetically superior, but quickly became the long-lasting bulk bag to depend on.

The Right Bag On Time

Since the early 1990’s Bulk Lift has opened operations in Mexico, India and China. With the largest production facility in North America, we continue to expand manufacturing while retaining local stocking services to guarantee superior on-time performance through our Quick Response Manufacturing process.

That, coupled with our total packaging solutions from one to 40,000 pounds, enables Bulk Lift to provide our clients with The Right Bag On Time.