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Antistatic Type C and D FIBCs

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Our design, engineering and sales teams can customize Type C or Crohmiq® Type D bulk bags for applications where static discharge is an issue. We’ll collaborate with your team to develop a performance profile to fit your needs and design the bags to those exact specifications.

Conductive Type C (Groundable) FIBCs

These groundable bulk bags reduce static electricity in the bag wall to a safe level while they are either filled or emptied.

Crohmiq® Electrostatic Type D FIBCs

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We also produce Crohmiq Type D bulk bags for electrostatic safety where grounding is impractical. We are the original converter of Crohmiq Type D FIBCs and a premier licensed manufacturer of Crohmiq Type D fabric. We maintain the largest global market share for Type D FIBCs.

  • Crohmiq static protective fabric for Type D FIBCs is designed and engineered to operate safely in the presence of flammable or explosive atmospheres without the need for a ground connection
  • Crohmiq Type D FIBCs are made of a special fabric that provides protection from hazardous electrostatic discharges by safely dissipating charge into the atmosphere by a process called corona

The FIBC industry has experimented with alternative anti-electrostatic fabrics, but after thorough independent testing and deliberation, we maintain that Crohmiq technology is the only Type D FIBC that consistently meets and exceeds the IEC standard for Type D FIBCs.

Our FIBC bags can be designed in a variety of container styles.