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Clean Pack FIBCs

As with all of our FIBC contaminant-free bags, manufacturing is of the highest standard to help ensure that products begin clean and arrive clean—through numerous documented methods of control.

  • Our FIBCs are GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001 and Kosher certified. An allergen policy and a cleaning/hygiene/sanitation program are maintained throughout the facility and in relation to employee hygiene.
  • FIFO is utilized, and neither raw materials nor bags are allowed to touch the floor. Quality and cleanliness are verified via a strict inspection process, preventive maintenance program and facility security.
  • Procedures in place while packing, prior to shipping and during loading prevent contamination and ensure the integrity of our FIBCs.

Utilizing this process, our bags are:

  • Inflated and inspected over lighted tables, and if necessary, vacuumed using a stainless steel hose
  • Heat-sealed, thereby 100% free of frayed edges, loose threads and tapes
  • Identified by the “clean bag” label
  • Clean Pack FIBCs display light blue work orders—a visual aid for the manufacturing facility
  • Additional protection is also available with production in a clean pack manufacturing cell
  • Uses green twisted thread to reduce potential for fraying and to stand out more clearly when compared to standard FIBCs in a warehouse/container

Your total cost savings are in our bag.

We’ll help reduce your total packaging costs by addressing bulk bag setup time, fill time, discharge time, stackability, storage and warehouse costs.

Our FIBC bags can be designed in a variety of container styles.