Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs)

Bulk Lift FIBC bag
Bulk Lift FIBCs can be designed
in a variety of container styles.
Inlet Spout FIBC Skirt Top FIBC Open Top FIBC
Inlet Spout Skirt Top Open Top
Plain Bottom FIBC Baffle FIBC Remote Discharge FIBC
Plain Bottom Baffle Remote Discharge
Porthole with Damper FIBC Outlet Spout FIBC Conical Discharge FIBC
Porthole with Damper Outlet Spout Conical Discharge

FIBCs Custom-Designed for Your Specific Industrial Applications

Crohmiq Electrostatic Type D FIBCs Stack Pac FIBCs Hygienic FIBCs
Crohmiq® Electrostatic (Type D) FIBC Bags. Provides protection from hazardous electrostatic discharges by safely dissipating charge. Stack-Pac™ FIBCs. Lower your total packaging costs. Clean Pack FIBCs. Manufactured in our Clean Pack cell at our North America manufacturing facility.
Electrostatic Type C FIBCs Vent-Pac™ Ventilated FIBCs United Nations Certified FIBCs
Electrostatic Type C FIBC Bags. Type C “Conductive” (groundable) bags reduce static electricity during filling or discharge. Vent-Pac™ Ventilated FIBCs. Specially designed and woven to maximize airflow and significantly reduce product spoilage. United Nations Certified FIBC bags for Hazardous Materials.