Nestable Plastic Pallets

Eliminate wood, splinters and contamination with Nestable Plastic Pallets. They are also a good solution for wet room conditions.

  • Durable, long-life pallets
  • Comply with highest physical/hygiene standards
  • Specially recycled ACM material
  • Cost-efficient for one-way shipping and yet stable enough for reuse
  • Resistant to insect, bacteria and fungi

Available Sizes

  • 48×40; Standard duty load capacity of 3,500 lb; part # CPP100
  • 48×40; Heavy Duty load capacity of 8,800 lb; part # CPP330
  • 43×43 (Compatible Wood Pallet Size = 42×42); Heavy duty load capacity of 17,600 lb; part # CPP406C; closed deck and snap-on cruciform perimeter base
  • 45×45; Heavy duty load capacity of 8,800 lbs; part # CPP440
Part #CPP100CP330CPP406cCPP440
Load Capacity (lb)3,5008,80017,7008,800

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