X-Pac™ Paper Polypropylene Bags

X-Pac Paper Polypropylene bagsThe Right X-Pac Bag, On Time

Our X-Pac™ bulk bags can both increase your sales and reduce your product loss. Whether your product is fertilizer, chemicals, seeds or grain, X-Pac bags are two times stronger than multi-wall paper bags, with the aesthetics and print quality of paper.

  • Revolutionary paper polypropylene
  • Designed for the size you need, 5kg to 50 kg
  • Available in sewn construction
  • Weather resistant
  • No extra cost
  • Application proven: Fertilizer, Seeds, Grain, Chemicals and Pet Food
  • Quick ship available on standard sizes from stock
  • Breathability

With our Performance Profile, we will determine your needs and design a bulk bag to your exact specifications. Whether you want to watch your sales grow with full color printing or rely on the X-Pac’s weather resistance, we will create The Right Bag, On Time. For you.