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Stack-Pac® FIBCs

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Our decades of packaging expertise led to the development of Stack-Pac FIBCs that can help lower your total packaging costs in a number of innovative ways.

  • A square shape provides superior stability as well as the ability to multi-stack these bags once filled, which lessens the risk of spillage and helps reduce product loss
  • Maximize warehouse efficiency with a design that is safe for multi-FIBC vertical placement
  • Superior stability allows rackless and palletless storage
  • Improved container space as well as LTL utilization for increased efficiency
  • Stack-Pacs facilitate a more organized warehouse with an aesthetically superior design
  • Each Stack-Pac FIBC can fit more product than regular FIBCs

Stack-Pac® M-Series

Our Stack-Pac M-Series FIBC solves the same stability issues as our Stack-Pac FIBCs but with a patented octagonal design that creates a better footprint on the truck and in your warehouse. You’ll enjoy increased stability with no leaning or pallet overhang.

Our FIBC bags can be designed in a variety of container styles.